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Latest Headlines

Report: Biopharma's CME funding on the rise for first time since 2007

Biopharma funding for CME courses is on the upswing, according to a new report from the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education. The group took a look at the industry's payments for CME and found that investments increased slightly by 2.4% to $675.9 million in 2014--the first jump since 2007.

Hotel workers lobby to stop Big Pharma funding for CME

Big Pharma's funding of CME classes has drawn its fair share of controversy, with some arguing that industry endorsement could unfairly sway docs' prescribing decisions. Now, another voice is joining the growing chorus of discontent as hotel workers are campaigning to end the practice.

Arms twisted, pharma promises disclosure

Pharma knows that self-regulation is the best kind. That's why 12 drug and device makers have promised Sen. Chuck Grassley that they are working on plans to disclose CME grants. You know, the money

Pharma racks up multibillion-dollar marketing bill

Drug marketing spending is staggering when you think about it: companies shell out $5 billion on DTC ads and $19 billion on so-called "doctor education." Their return on investment here