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Latest Headlines

Industry funding for CME falls 31% to $830M

Last week, updated data on pharma's payments to doctors hinted at some pullback. Some physicians apparently are backing away from doing pharma work because of increased scrutiny of those

CME beats reps at boosting scrips, but reps beat email

What drug information source influences doctors most? Perhaps not surprisingly, CME courses are more likely to win physicians over to new treatments, compared with pharma-sponsored dinners for

CME debate spurs med school to spurn pharma funding

Over the past couple of years, we've seen an outcry over pharma-industry funding for CME. Indeed, an HHS inspector general told Congress that industry funding has "bastardized" continuing medical

Pfizer funds new, 'unbiased' CME at Stanford

Pfizer and Stanford University are teaming up to develop new CME courses. That's nothing new; drug companies fund new CME all the time. What is new is that Stanford will use $3 million in Pfizer

Pfizer funds Canadian CME, prompting outcry

As some big-name hospitals and drugmakers back away from industry-funded medical education, the Canadian Medical Association has anted up. The CMA has teamed up with Pfizer on a nationwide

Glaxo to stop funding commercial CME

GlaxoSmithKline is taking another step back from the drugmaker influence game. The company won't fund commercial CME programs anymore. Instead, starting next year, it will back only medical education

Merck, Schering spent $60M on CME

According to a report released by the Senate Special Committee on Aging, Merck and Schering-Plough spent almost $60 million over four years (from January 2004 to January 2008) on continuing medical

Pharma-funded CME gets the lash

Continuing medical education (CME) has been bastardized by pharma funding, an HHS inspector general told Congress, and needs a complete overhaul. Lewis Morris, chief counsel for the HHS office of

Pharma, academia ties difficult to unwind

While we're on the subject of financial ties between drugmakers and doctors, we'll ask--as BNet Healthcare does--whether new policies suggested by a recent Institute of Medicine report could really

Are state's gift rules too strict?

Some big companies are reconsidering conventions in Boston due to new Massachusetts laws that place strict conditions on what goodies the pharmaceutical industry can give to physicians. According to