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Latest Headlines

Painkiller marketing secrets? Check Chicago's unredacted suit against Endo, Purdue, Cephalon, et al.

The city of Chicago made big news when it sued 5 drugmakers, alleging that their painkiller marketing broke the law. But much of the juicy detail in that lawsuit was hidden from view, redacted under a confidentiality agreement with the companies. Now, it's open for viewing.

Undaunted Ranbaxy targets generic exclusivity in U.S.

Ranbaxy Laboratories has been through a boatload of turmoil this year, but the CEO of India's largest generic drugmaker comes off as unfazed. In fact, he is touting big plans in the U.S. for the company.

Amid $2B in cost-cutting, Teva sales suffer from generic erosion

Teva Pharmaceutical Industries may be a generics behemoth, but its earnings this quarter bore a more-than-casual resemblance to Big Pharma's.

Whistleblower says Cephalon ignored DoJ pact to push off-label uses

The allegations in a recently released lawsuit against Cephalon suggest that company was particularly obscene about pushing off-label uses, because at the time it was operating under a Corporate Integrity Agreement forged after getting caught for similar problems a few years earlier.

Teva repeats recall after getting batch numbers wrong

A recall of four batches of a Teva Pharmaceutical Industries ($TEVA) generic drug has been updated in the U.K. because the original recall got batch numbers wrong.

Teva's Neupogen knockoff faces uphill battle for share

Teva Pharmaceutical Industries ($TEVA) has pegged its future on becoming a hybrid drugmaker, with generics and brands working in perfect synergy. That's because it has looked past the huge wave of patent expirations on blockbuster drugs, and concluded that generics growth alone won't be respectable enough. And that's why it bought Cephalon last year.

Cephalon cancer drug, in combo therapy, kills multiple myeloma cells in mice

Researchers in Virginia identified a potentially powerful new treatment for the blood cancer multiple myeloma. They defeated the cancer in the lab and in animal trials by combining obatoclax, a cancer drug under development at Cephalon, and flavopiridol, a potential oncology drug once under development at Sanofi.

Travelers wants its money back for off-label drug spending

Cephalon has sued Travelers ($TRV) over the insurer's attempt to claw back off-label drug spending.

With Provigil exclusivity, Teva may hike its forecast

Teva can reap sales of branded Provigil, and it can profit from the generic version.

Teva looks set for a new round of M&A deals

Don't be too surprised if Teva starts to make fresh headlines on the M&A side of the business. CEO Shlomo Yanai is telling reporters the company is acutely aware of just how badly it needs to