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The top 20 highest-paid biopharma CEOs

After 7 years of compiling executive pay numbers, we at FiercePharma have learned a bit about the pharma compensation landscape. Rules to research by, let's call them. The first and biggest:...

How well paid are pharma execs? Best in healthcare, survey shows

How does pharma executive pay compare with the rest of healthcare? Forbes columnist Dan Munro decided to find out--and the answer is that drugmakers pay their top managers more than in any other slice of the healthcare industry.

Move over, Big Pharma: Smaller biopharma's execs are bringing home more bacon

Small pharma CEOs are consistently outranking their Big Pharma peers in the pay department. Execs from smaller companies are paid more like a hybrid of entrepreneurs and blue chip company CEOs, giving them access to more awards and a sweetened pay package, according to Fortune.

Stada CEO 'happy' to take 40% pension cut. Sound foreign, U.S. pharma chiefs?

Here's something you don't see in the U.S.: The chief exec of Germany's largest independent pharma has agreed to a pension cut worth about 40%--a change he says he was "happy" to consent to.

Grateful Actavis board adds $4M to CEO's deal-related bonus tally. Total: $49M

Actavis CEO Paul Bisaro has been on a roll lately. He's scored one M&A deal after another, with Warner Chilcott wrapping up last year and Forest Laboratories currently on deck. And his pocketbook has shared in the bounty.

GSK trims Witty's bonus in face of China probe

It remains to be seen how much GlaxoSmithKline's China bribery scandal will cost the British pharma, but it has already cost CEO Andrew Witty up to $410,000 in potential bonus money, according to the company's annual report.

What's a Swiss pharma CEO worth? Try $600K, under a radical ballot initiative

A Swiss referendum approved by voters this spring gave shareholders the right to reject pay packages for top managers and outlawed certain types of executive largesse. But another is coming up that makes those rules look lenient. 

Teva agrees to lift the veil on executive pay

Want to know how much Jeremy Levin makes? You'll soon find out. The numbers on Teva Pharmaceutical Industries' CEO pay will finally go public, now that the company has settled a lawsuit from investors angry about the compensation secrecy.

Updated: EU pharma CEOs earned 46% less than U.S. peers

CEO pay in Europe continues to be a flashpoint given the high unemployment and austerity measures the workaday folk on the continent face. Still, a new analysis shows the CEO's of European drugmakers continue to pull in far less than their U.S. counterparts.

Amgen's two chiefs together net $22.7M in 2012 pay

Amgen's new CEO scored a big raise when he was promoted last year. Robert Bradway took over from ex-chief Kevin Sharer at the end of May, and by year's end, he had racked up $13.57 million in compensation for the year, almost twice what he made in 2011 as president and COO. And his predecessor's pay dropped by half, knocking him off our list of highest-paid biopharma executives.