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Latest Headlines

NEA backs cancer genome Dx startup Personal Genome in $21M+ Series A

Another startup is emphatically advancing into the fray to elicit and apply genomic data as a guide for cancer diagnoses and treatment. Personal Genome Diagnostics has raised a $21.4 million Series A round to expand its commercial genomic oncology testing service.

Hong Kong drugstores attract Chinese customers for cancer, hep C drugs

Many shoebox-sized drugstores in Hong Kong are magnets for mainland Chinese seeking access to cutting-edge oncology and hepatitis C treatments without a prescription because they are either highly expensive or not available at home in the latest twist of cross-border healthcare buying, Bloomberg reports.

Stealth startup Onkos gets Series A, partnership for next-gen bone cancer surgery

Onkos Surgical has secured a Series A financing and partnered with MicroPort Orthopedics. The financial details were undisclosed in the company's announcement, but an SEC filing reveals that Onkos recently secured the first $6.1 million of a financing that's expected to total $15.3 million.

Australia court rules in favor of grandmother in Myriad BRCA patent case

U.S.-based biotech Myriad Genetics lost a closely watched court appeal case in Australia over a patent for a BRCA1 and BRCA2 cancer gene diagnostic that was brought by a grandmother who survived cancer twice.

Surefire Medical launches cancer drug delivery catheter

Westminister, CO's Surefire Medical launched a drug delivery catheter for for direct-to-tumor embolization procedures. "Chemo- and radioembolization techniques are becoming valuable treatment options in selected patients with unresectable liver tumors.

Roche's Bina wins competition for cancer-detecting algorithms

Bina's algorithm for the detection of small insertions and deletions placed first in its class in the DREAM Mutation Calling Challenge, while its somatic single nucleotide variant tool took second in its subcategory.

India's Glenmark says breast cancer candidate GBR 1302 moving to PhI

The European unit of India's Glenmark Pharmaceuticals has applied to move into Phase I clinical trials for GBR 1302, a HER2xCD3 bispecific antibody that the company said in preclinical work demonstrated superiority over current antibody therapies against most HER2-positive cancers, including breast cancer.

New surface protein found on cancer cells offers specific drug targeting, could spare fertility

By noticing a connection between developing human egg cells and tumor cells, researchers have developed a method of cancer drug delivery that could more selectively target the offending cells and keep healthy tissue safe from harm, possibly preserving fertility, as well.

China plans public health push on cancer, wants to expand screening

China plans a public health campaign on cancer that over the next three years will see screening for early detection expanded by nearly one-third, spur new drug development and direct focus on prevention that covers smoking, China Daily reported.

U.K. starts enrolling cancer patients into the 100,000 Genomes Project

The United Kingdom has opened up another front of its 100,000 Genomes Project. Having started off sequencing the genomes of people with rare diseases, the team behind the initiative are now ready to take aim at their other big target: cancer.