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Latest Headlines

Glaxo socks more cash into immunotherapy bet

Last year, GlaxoSmithKline traded away most of its cancer assets to Novartis in exchange for the majority of the Swiss drugmaker's vaccines portfolio. But it's not out of the area altogether, and now, it's sweetening a deal with oncology partner Adaptimmune.

Lancet study favors proton radiotherapy over standard chemotherapy

A study in  The Lancet Oncology  was supportive of proton radiotherapy, saying it is safe, or perhaps safer than conventional chemotherapy in the fight against cancer, at least among children with the most common malignant brain cancer (medulloblastomas). All 59 children received both forms of treatment. 

UNC team delivers cancer drugs wrapped in exosomes to cut doses

Researchers at the University of North Carolina have developed a method of drug delivery using exosomes to protect cancer drugs in the body before they reach their target, effectively cutting the necessary dose.

Glenmark's BEAT platform helps develop new cancer molecule

Mumbai-based Glenmark Pharmaceuticals said its BEAT platform has led to the start of investigational new drug-enabling studies for its second anticancer biological molecule GBR 1342.

Qiagen backs liquid biopsy startup Exosome in $60M Series B

Diagnostics giant Qiagen has joined the syndicate of Exosome Diagnostics--helping to distinguish this liquid biopsy startup from its growing crowd of peers. The pair are already partnered under a 2014 lung cancer diagnostic development deal. The Cambridge, MA-based startup has raised a $60 million Series B round to launch its liquid biopsy test via its CLIA-certified lab as well as to seek out companion diagnostics deals with biopharmas.

Ono Pharma developing new diagnostic for potential Opdivo patients

Japan's Ono Pharmaceutical is planning to develop a new diagnostic tool to determine whether more cancer patients will benefit from the cancer drug Opdivo.

FDA approves nonalcoholic formulation of cancer drug, eliminating risk of intoxication following treatment

The FDA approved a nonalcoholic formulation of docetaxel, freeing cancer patients from the risk of intoxication after treatment with the intravenously delivered med.

Micro-cap liquid biopsy Dx player Biocept nabs $15M financing from Chicago growth investor

Aspire Capital is a growth equity firm focused on making direct investments into public companies across various industries. This time around, the firm picked a player in the fast-developing--and already packed--realm of liquid biopsy for cancer diagnostics and monitoring. It's made a $15 million stock purchase agreement with molecular diagnostics company Biocept.

Drug costs soar as China tops world ranking in cancer

As World Health Organization figures show China rising to the top of the list of countries with the most cancer cases, its people are facing increasing problems in trying to find ways to pay for their treatments. Healthcare costs are soaring in the nation despite the government's efforts to force drug prices lower.

Second flu shot helps cancer patients stave off infection, Yale team says

A team from the Yale Cancer Center has devised a novel dosing schedule for flu vaccines aimed at increasing protection for cancer patients who are at a higher risk of contracting the viral infection.