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Latest Headlines

Sanofi expands production at Merial plant in Brazil

Sanofi has made a big investment in Brazil, buying the nation's largest generics manufacturer, Genfar, in 2012 to get a stronger foothold not only in human drugs but also in animal health. It's now expanding its manufacturing operations there for its Merial animal health operation.

Brazil fines Merck KGaA $1.8M for alleged generics conspiracy

Conspiring to keep distributors from working with generic drugmakers is a no-no in Brazil, and the country's antitrust regulator is fining Merck KGaA for allegedly doing just that. And while the move harkens back to a meeting that happened 5 years ago, it's reflective of actions taken more recently by regulators in the U.S. and EU.

Danaher demurs on M&A, looks to China, Brazil and Russia

Diversified conglomerate Danaher emphasized organic growth rather than acquisitions at a recent investor meeting. That's despite much speculation on its M&A appetite following the Medtronic announcement that it will acquire Covidien.

Lilly decries $450M award in Brazil as based on bad science, fuzzy math

Eli Lilly has hotly denied and intends to fight the findings of a court in Brazil that could cost it nearly half a billion dollars to cover medical costs for former employees.

Lilly, Dobfar nailed with $450M fine, judge orders Brazilian plant closed

Eli Lilly in 2003 sold an antibiotics manufacturing plant in Cosmopolis, Brazil, to Italy's ACS Dobfar. But the fact that it has been more than a decade since Eli Lilly owned the facility has not kept the company from being ordered to pay $450 million to cover medical costs of dozens of plant employees for health problems they said came from exposure to hazardous materials.

Lilly invests in its Brazilian packaging plant

Serving emerging markets generally requires local production--and that means investments in upgrades. That is the phase Eli Lilly is in with a packaging operation in São Paulo, Brazil.

Two major Dx players in Brazil are on the cusp of major changes

Two of the biggest players in Brazil's medical diagnostics industry are likely to confront major changes in the coming months-- both worth noting as global competitors seek to enter one of the largest emerging markets around.

Smith & Nephew's M&A blitz rolls on with Brazilian buy

U.K. orthopedics giant Smith & Nephew has been riding its checkbook into emerging markets all year, and now the company has signed a deal to pick up a share of its Brazilian wound care partner with an eye on vertical integration.

Biocad taking biosimilar production to Brazil

Brazil's rapidly growing drug market, fueled by an aggressive government plan to boost healthcare spending, is spurring new production facilities, but not just from the Western drugmakers. Russia's Biocad is building a new $40 million facility to make biosimilars after having struck a partnership with a Brazilian drugmaker to produce a copy of a top cancer drug.

Catalent buys up Brazilian CMO with eye on growing market

Catalent has snapped up a Brazilian contract manufacturer, expanding its hold on the global softgel market by growing its presence in Latin America.