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Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Biogen joins a GSK-led data-sharing project to make R&D more efficient

Biogen has signed up with a GlaxoSmithKline-founded effort to better understand the underlying biology of disease, hoping to map out better targets for future therapies by collaborating on early-stage research.

Samsung and Biogen win first EU approval for an Enbrel copycat

A joint venture between Biogen and South Korean giant Samsung won Europe's first approval for a lower-cost version of Amgen and Pfizer's blockbuster Enbrel, planning to launch its injection in the coming weeks.

Biogen backs Rodin's Alzheimer's efforts in a $500M deal

Rodin Therapeutics recruited Biogen to help advance its novel approach to Alzheimer's disease in a pairing that could end with the Atlas Venture company getting bought for $485 million.

Biogen inks a $100M hemophilia deal with a Polaris-backed startup

Biogen is bringing the Polaris Partners-backed Arsia Therapeutics into its stable of partners, signing a deal worth up to $100 million to research new ways of formulating hemophilia treatments.

Biogen spells out its moonshot R&D strategy amid deep cost cuts

Biogen is in the midst of a wide-ranging reorganization that will send more than 800 employees out the door, but the company isn't backing away from its penchant for high-risk R&D, pressing forward with a pipeline focused on first-in-class therapies.

Biogen is cutting 830 jobs and pruning its pipeline, betting the future on Alzheimer's R&D

Biogen is laying off 11% of its workforce and pulling the plug on a handful of pipeline projects, cutting deep into its infrastructure amid mounting pressure and turning its attention to some high-risk R&D programs.

FierceMedicalDevices' 2015 Fierce 15

This year's Fierce 15 companies are all working on big ideas such as cutting-edge patient monitoring, smartphone-based imaging, biodegradable valves and vessels, more accurate knee implants, intestinal ablation to treat diabetes, energy-delivering angioplasty balloons, an implantable cell-based pancreas replacement, and connected asthma inhalers as well as the consumerization of health devices and diagnostics.

Biogen hauls in $6B amid biopharma's M&A fever pitch

Days after Gilead Sciences spurred a wave of buyout rumors with its effort to bring in $10 billion, Biogen laid out plans to raise $6 billion of its own, providing few details as it looks to bolster its cash position.

On a crash course with Celgene? Biogen inks a $544M autoimmune drug deal

After suffering back-to-back R&D and franchise setbacks, Biogen is beefing up its pipeline with a late-stage autoimmune drug, handing over $60 million in cash and promising up to $484 million in milestones to complete the pact with Mitsubishi Tanabe.

Biogen taps ice bucket cash to build ALS database

Biogen is working with Columbia University Medical Center to build a database of genes and clinical traits from 1,500 people with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). The project, which is partly funded by cash raised in the Ice Bucket Challenge, is intended to help Biogen understand how genes contribute to different forms of ALS.