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Latest Headlines

Bill Weldon gets new chairman title at Chase Bank

William Weldon, who last year stepped down at Johnson & Johnson after running the company for years, has again added the title of chairman to his resume. In what The Wall Street Journal characterized as a stealth move, Weldon has replaced James Dimon in that role. Weldon was already a top director on the Chase board.

Gorsky gets it all at J&J, to replace Weldon as chairman

Alex Gorsky now has it all. The CEO of Johnson & Johnson today was named chairman of the drug and consumer products company, replacing Bill Weldon, who is retiring from J&J after four decades.

J&J chief gets stepped-up bonus for 2011

J&J CEO William Weldon  (pictured) got a pay boost last year, despite the company's ongoing problems with recalls, lawsuits and manufacturing problems.

J&J Recall: Manufacturing issues believed behind CEO departure

In what appears to be the ultimate step to address its manufacturing and quality control issues, Johnson & Johnson ($JNJ) has announced the retirement William Weldon (photo) as CEO. For now, he...

J&J investor demands that CEO give up millions in pay

Johnson & Johnson ($JNJ) CEO Bill Weldon (photo) is the highest-paid Big Pharma chief, no question. His $28.7 million in 2010 pay put him far above the second-place executive, and he made even

Reuters: J&J chief gets president's ear on job growth

Johnson & Johnson ($JNJ) CEO Bill Weldon (photo) is among the corporate executives set to meet with President Obama Friday afternoon to talk about economic woes and prospects for job creation,

J&J pay plans get thumbs up from shareholders

Critics of Johnson & Johnson's executive compensation plans lost out at the company's shareholder meeting yesterday. Despite the urgings of unhappy investors who believe CEO William Weldon (

J&J defends executive pay to institutional investors

Johnson & Johnson is fighting back against investors who suggest CEO William Weldon (photo) is overpaid. Facing critics who are lobbying for a vote against Weldon's pay package, the company

Union urges votes against CEO pay at Pfizer, J&J

A public employees union has pharma CEO pay in its sights. After lobbying for shareholders' rights to have a "say on pay" at public companies, the American Federation of State, County and Municipal

Consent decree diminishes CEO Weldon's role in McNeil turnaround

Now that he's no longer in the driver's seat of the McNeil-comeback bus, back-to-business pronouncements by CEO Bill Weldon (photo) have a somewhat more relaxed tone. He "doesn't know" when the Fort