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Latest Headlines

Drug-pricing woes put the hurt on pharma junk bonds

Pharma's bonds are underperforming the wider junk-debt gauge, Bloomberg reports, with those sold by companies including Valeant and Endo missing the mark.

Newly vocal union targets Big Pharma's payments to AHA and its leaders

Workers union Unite Here is none-too-pleased with Big Pharma, pushing back in July against the industry's funding of CME courses. Now the union is going after pharma's relationship with the American Heart Association (AHA), pointing to large sums handed to the organization by top drugmakers as costs continue to climb for cardiovascular meds.

Big Pharma still a big deal for NJ economy, despite cost cuts

Pharma has long boosted commercial real estate in New Jersey, with some of the world's biggest drugmakers calling the state home. And that's not changing anytime soon, a new report says--despite layoffs and consolidation moves.

What's worrying pharma? Reimbursement, yes, but also M&A, global threats, and the economy

If you've spent any time reading biopharma's securities filings, you've noticed the litany of potential problems every company discloses--everything from natural disasters and terrorist attacks to patent lawsuits and regulatory setbacks.

Shire, Sanofi and Bayer have the best public reps in pharma: Report

It's no secret that Big Pharma isn't winning the popularity contest, as pricing pressures, safety issues and regulatory drama continue to take their toll on drugmakers' reputations. But some companies are faring better than other in the eyes of the American public, racking up points for leadership and good behavior, according to a new report from research firm Reputation Institute.

Which global markets should drugmakers target? China, yes--but old European standbys, too

Big Pharma has some serious ground to cover when it comes to global sales and marketing. Worldwide spending for prescription branded drugs and generic medicines is set to increase 30% from 2013-2018, a yearly growth rate of more than 5%, with $1.3 trillion in annual global drug sales on the line, according to data from the Institute of Healthcare Informatics cited by  The Motley Fool  blog. And drugmakers should look past traditional markets for their cut of the profits.  

How to make sure DTC doesn't turn off patients? Ask them to tailor your ads

Big Pharma's ads for branded meds generally try to impart inspirational messages and are meant to educate patients about a particular brand, helping them feel more connected to a company or product. But consumers aren't feeling the love, according to a new study from patient advocacy network Wego Health Solutions.

J&J, Novartis lead pharma companies by market cap

Which Big Pharma companies have the biggest market caps in the industry? The  Motley Fool  has a breakdown of the top 10, but we'll give you a hint: The list begins with Johnson & Johnson and Novartis.

In a squeaker, FierceBiotech readers warn of a biotech bubble

The big question of the day is whether the unprecedented bull market we've been seeing generate billions of dollars for biotech is sustainable or has transformed into a fragile bubble ready to pop. And we decided to put that question to our audience of subscribers, looking for a revealing snapshot of what the industry is thinking today.

Nimbus bags $43M from Big Pharma VCs to test computer-designed drugs

Nimbus Therapeutics is ready to see how the compounds it discovered with the help of Schrödinger's computational chemistry tools fare in the clinic. And the VC units of Eli Lilly, GlaxoSmithKline and Pfizer want to find out, too, prompting each to chip in to Nimbus' $43 million Series B round.