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Latest Headlines

Judge tosses decade-old investor suit against Pfizer weeks before trial

A long-running and often contentious securities lawsuit tied to Pfizer's vilified pain drugs Celebrex and Bextra was set for a September trial, but is going into the dustbin of history instead. A federal judge in New York has dismissed the case a decade after it was filed and 9 weeks before proceedings were to commence.

Investors accuse Pfizer of trashing data on Celebrex, Bextra

Disgruntled Pfizer ($PFE) investors are accusing the company of a cover-up. In documents filed in a securities-fraud lawsuit, the investor group says Pfizer trashed some records and denied the existence of others--and it's calling for sanctions against company officials in response, Bloomberg reports.

CalPERS, others battle Pfizer separately on Bextra shareholder claims

A new front has opened up against Pfizer in its fight to defend itself against shareholders that claim that it was not upfront about the dangers of pain drugs Celebrex and Bextra to patients and--by extension--to shareholders.

Lawsuits against Pfizer's Celebrex, Bextra get class action status

A U.S. District judge says the most efficient justice would come from linking the cases in a class action.

Fund sues Pfizer board over off-label marketing

A union pension fund is suing Pfizer (NYSE: PFE) and its board, alleging that directors ignored signs that the drugmaker was playing fast and loose with off-label marketing. The fund blames the

Pfizer settles S.C. marketing claims, Neurontin suit

Pfizer's lawyers have been busy lately. Deal-making, due diligence, whistleblower lawsuits, off-label marketing settlements--you name it. Here's a roundup of recent news courtesy of the company's

Ex-exec: Off-label promo 'part of Pfizer culture'

The ex-Pfizer sales manager sentenced for off-label promotion of the Bextra painkiller told Massachusetts officials that the company not only knew about her off-label activities, but encouraged them.

Poussot and pink slips and Bextra, oh my

We thought yesterday was all Wy-Pfi, all the time, but today's news line-up may even beat that. As the initial surprise wore off and folks started digging, a host of new angles emerged on the big

Pfizer takes $2.3B Bextra charge

News of the Pfizer-Wyeth merger this morning drowned out some not so good news for the company. Just after announcing its $68 billion buyout of Wyeth, Pfizer published its 2008 fourth quarter

Pfizer reaches $894M painkiller settlement

Pfizer can now say "done deal" on most of the lawsuits over its painkillers Celebrex and Bextra. The cost? $894 million. As of today, the drugmaker has reached agreements in principle to settle with