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Latest Headlines

Bayer's sales rep whistleblower wins new job, back pay in termination suit

Was it the canceled credit card? Or was it the whistleblowing? Those were the big questions in a former Bayer HealthCare sales rep's wrongful termination suit--and though Bayer's appeal in the case technically rested on different questions, the credit card and the whistleblowing were central to it all the same.

FDA provides update on its evaluation of Bayer's Essure contraceptive

Reports of adverse events associated with use of Bayer's Essure birth control implant are among the FDA's most high-profile issues, at least on the device side, sparking interest from Congress and the media, as well as protest from patients who suffered harm.

Bristol-Myers Q3 ad spending pushes up to $193M on renewed promotions push

For the first time since 2013, Bristol-Myers Squibb reported a year-over-year quarterly ad spending increase. Advertising and product promotion costs rose 13% to $193 million, following two quarters of double-digit decreases this year--and a 14% overall decrease for all of 2014. The last time ad spending was up year over year was 2013's fourth quarter.

Good thing Bayer's in Germany, CEO says. U.S. business culture is too impatient

Bayer CEO Marijn Dekkers--at one time a wannabe professional tennis player--knows what it is to push it to the limit. But he also knows that too much pushing can take its toll.

Congressman to introduce bill banning Bayer's Essure contraceptive device

Rep. Mike Fitzpatrick (R-PA) plans to introduce a bill that would ban Bayer's troubled Essure contraceptive device following reports of pelvic pain and allergic reactions to nickel.

Bayer consumer biz on digital agency hunt, in shift from 'TV-centric' to 'channel-agnostic'

Bayer is looking to consolidate its consumer brands' digital marketing and is officially searching for a digital agency of record.

BMJ: Bayer's Essure calls for more follow-up surgeries than traditional sterilization

Bayer is facing more bad news for its contraceptive implant Essure, as a new study shows that women outfitted with the company's device are more likely to need follow-up surgeries compared to individuals who undergo a traditional sterilization procedure.

Bayer eyes challenge to oral MS meds with new Betaseron injector

How do you keep a 22-year-old injectable multiple sclerosis therapy competitive in the face of threats from high-flying oral contenders? Bayer has an idea. The company recently won FDA approval for Betaconnect, an automatic injector it thinks can help keep its standby treatment, Betaseron, in the game.

Bayer introduces autoinjector for its multiple sclerosis drug to fend off oral competitors

Bayer is hoping that a new electronic autoinjector will slow the fall of lucrative multiple sclerosis drug Betaseron off of the dreaded patent expiry sales cliff.

Bayer pairs Genedata Profiler and iRODS to manage omics data analysis

Bayer has set up a system to manage its omics data analysis workflow. The system is the result of Bayer's collaboration with Genedata, which has provided its data management and analysis software to a platform that also draws on the capabilities of the open-source iRODS.