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Latest Headlines

Consumer Reports warns against fast-growing use of testosterone drugs

Consumer Reports has weighed in on the rising use of testosterone drugs, which added some $2 billion to drugmakers' coffers last year. If patients listen to the magazine, pharma companies could watch those numbers shrink.

Testosterone drug sales may be ahead of science

At just under $2 billion a year in sales, the testosterone replacement drug business is small by industry standards, but it is growing as the population ages and sophisticated marketing ramps up.

Men flock to testosterone meds from Abbott, Lilly

Are testosterone drugs another hormone-replacement ordeal in the making? Some doctors think so, Bloomberg reports.

Lilly, Acrux win FDA OK for testosterone treatment

Shares of Australia's Acrux surged overnight after the biotech and its Big Pharma partner Eli Lilly ($LLY) announced that the FDA had approved their new underarm testosterone lotion. The approval

Promising Phase III data clears Acrux's path to the FDA

Australia's Acrux has lived up to analysts' expectations, reporting that its late-stage trial of a new testosterone spray proved promising, which clears the way to an FDA application later this year.