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Latest Headlines

Roche, Novartis to halt marketing for unreimbursed cancer drugs in Australia

Swiss drugmakers Roche and Novartis Oncology have told Australia to go fly a kite if it expects a company to market a cancer drug in the country without Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme coverage. The two companies announced their boycott intentions ahead of a Monday hearing by a panel of Australia's Senate.

Australia to cut government benefits if parents don't vaccinate children

Australia, which boasts a childhood vaccination rate of more than 90%, has decided to take drastic measures to get at least some of the holdout parents to get their children immunized. Those reliant on government benefits could soon lose them.

Australia's George Clinical eyes China drug discovery going global

Australia's George Clinical closely tracks China's growing number of domestic Contract Research Organizations and notes that of the estimated 250-odd companies, 90% are focused on domestic work. But George Clinical, based in Sydney, also looks ahead to the day the Chinese CROs and drug companies take bigger leaps into the global business.

Australia-China researchers eye Asian stroke drug for Alzheimer's disease

Collaborating researchers from Australia and China report that Radicut (edaravone), a drug marketed only in a few Asian countries for treating strokes, may also be useful in treating progressive mental deterioration caused by Alzheimer's disease.

Second-quarter pharma market outlooks for pan-Asia mixed, India promising

The 2015 second quarter bodes well for India, Taiwan, Malaysia and others, while Australia, Kuwait and Iran are not looking as healthy, according to the latest forecasts covering 11 countries of Asia and the Pacific region.

Sirtex Medical oncology play still has some thunder Down Under

Australia's Sirtex Medical has been on a rollercoaster reflected in its share price as a biotech that alternately has seen brokers target above AUS $50/share earlier this year. But after the company reported disappointing results of its Sirflox colorectal cancer treatment in trials in mid-March, shares are now around AUS $21 because Sirflox didn't achieve the primary endpoint of improved cancer survival rates.

Australian researchers eye breakthrough on targeting long-lasting drugs to melanoma

Australia researchers say they may have discovered a breakthrough method of targeting long-lasting drugs to melanomas. Apparently, a protein associated with natural cell death could be used to limit the growth of skin-cancer tumors.

Actavis moves quickly to sell Australia generics business to Amneal

Actavis Australia has agreed to sell its generic pharmaceuticals business to Swiss-based Amneal Pharmaceuticals for an undisclosed amount, moving quickly to shed a unit that is not seen as core to the branded drug business after the merger with Allergan.

Australia's reimbursement cost battle hits cancer drug access

Australia's reimbursement agency has lagged developed country counterparts in paying for newly approved new cancer therapies, highlighting problems at the tail end of a system that patients and industry complain is broken.

Australia chips in on TB drug development research

The Australian government awarded the TB Alliance, a nonprofit organization that partners with drugmakers to develop drugs against tuberculosis, more than $7.8 million to help in the fight against spread of a multidrug-resistant strain of the disease.