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Latest Headlines

Racing AstraZeneca, Clovis gets a speedy FDA review for its lung cancer drug

The FDA has promised a quick review for Clovis Oncology's new lung cancer treatment, bolstering the company's prospects as it races against a similar drug from AstraZeneca.

AstraZeneca opens data vault for cancer combo efficacy prediction challenge

AstraZeneca has opened up a wealth of preclinical cancer data and challenged people to dig into it to predict the effectiveness of different drug combinations. The data dump covers 11,500 combinations of 118 drugs across 85 cancer cell lines that AstraZeneca tested for cell viability.

AstraZeneca's NASH spinout shifts focus to Boston as ex-BMS exec takes charge

Having spent 7 years building up a pipeline of bile acid modulators from its base in Gothenburg, Sweden, AstraZeneca spinout Albireo is now swinging its center of gravity to Boston, MA. The shift follows the appointment of ex-Bristol-Myers Squibb executive Ron Cooper as CEO.

AstraZeneca embraces crowdsourcing in a mix-and-match cancer R&D contest

Hoping to spotlight some promising new combination cancer treatments, AstraZeneca is opening up its data vault to researchers around the globe in an effort to crowdsource new avenues for research.

Inspired by $220M in BARDA funding, AstraZeneca steps up antibiotics R&D

Close to 18 months after AstraZeneca decided to jettison its early-stage anti-infectives division and the 180 staffers that were then working in the Massachusetts-based group, the pharma giant is stepping back up in the field, with the feds footing up to $220 million in research costs to hunt down new antibiotics.

AstraZeneca's lauded 'Take it From a Fish' campaign scores again at Clio Healthcare awards

The Clio Healthcare award winners for 2015 are out, but pharma has come up a bit short. Pharma companies claimed a total of just 17 of the 110 awards, and only four were given to branded pharma products. The other 13 were for disease-awareness campaigns backed by pharma companies.

AstraZeneca scoops up Amgen U.S. plant to boost biologics capacity

When AstraZeneca announced plans last spring to build a $285 million biologics facility in Sweden, it said it would be the first of several investments in its large-molecule manufacturing capacity that it would be making. Now the U.K. drugmaker says it has acquired a biologics plant in Colorado from Amgen.

AstraZeneca picks up discarded Amgen plant as part of its biologics expansion

U.K.-based AstraZeneca is buying and intends to eventually employ 400 at a Colorado biologics plant that Amgen closed last year as part of its massive two-stage move to lay off 4,000 people.

Clovis leaps as AstraZeneca's AZD9291 disappoints on lung cancer

AstraZeneca may still be in front in the late-stage race to develop a targeted new drug for non-small cell lung cancer, but new data has analysts wondering if its lead over rival Clovis has shortened in the final stretch.

AstraZeneca nabs priority review voucher as Wellstat bags FDA OK

Late last Friday the FDA approved a new drug for an ultrarare condition that is linked to anemia and developmental retardation in children, handing over a priority review voucher to the developer for the pediatric OK which is being passed on immediately to AstraZeneca.