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With patent clock ticking, Amgen plans to shutter Epogen plant

In a major milestone for its anemia franchise, Amgen ($AMGN) is preparing to idle production at its only bulk Epogen plant. The Longmont, CO, facility will remain open, handling quality control and process development for other drugs, but some of its 485 workers will lose their jobs.

Did anemia drug giants game the system to rake in billions?

Amgen's big-selling anemia drugs were first brought in for questioning a few years ago. Studies and side-effect reports cast doubt on their safety. The FDA started a review.

Amgen's new meds beat estimates as anemia drugs slip

Amgen's ($AMGN) anemia drugs faltered again in the fourth quarter with sales declining 15% on Aranesp and 18% on Epogen. New bone drugs Xgeva and Prolia beat analyst estimates for their first full

Class-action securities suit goes forward against Amgen

A U.S. appeals court will let Amgen ($AMGN) investors keep their class-action status in a complaint accusing the company of failing to fully disclose potential safety problems with its anemia drugs

Medicare affirms rule expected to erode Epogen sales

As expected, Medicare has changed its kidney-care guidelines to remove a requirement that helped fuel sales of Amgen's ($AMGN) anemia drug Epogen. Kidney dialysis providers were previously told to

Amgen sets aside $780M for marketing settlement

Another day, another potential marketing settlement. Amgen ($AMGN) says it has earmarked $780 million to resolve ongoing investigations into its marketing practices, as well as 10 whistleblower

CMS keeps current anemia drug rules--for now

When is no decision a good decision? When you're Amgen, and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services decides not to change reimbursements for key anemia drugs. At least not for now; the agency

Former Amgen staffers take the Fifth in kickbacks case

Remember the Amgen whistleblower lawsuit that accused the company of offering kickbacks to doctors to boost sales of its Aranesp medication for anemia? As Pharmalot now reports, the plaintiffs are

Amgen boosts prices to offset Aranesp sales

Amgen is hiking prices to make up for the shrinking sales volume of its anemia drug Aranesp. Bloomberg reports that Amgen raised the price tag on Aranesp itself by 4.4 percent, but also marked up the

CMS panel doubts data on ESAs for transplants

A Medicare advisory panel isn't convinced that high-tech anemia drugs really benefit kidney patients awaiting transplants. In a meeting yesterday, the expert committee said there isn't enough