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Latest Headlines

UPDATED: Just say no to drugs (advertising): AMA votes to ban DTC ads

The American Medical Association is done with DTC. In a historic vote on Tuesday, the physicians' group voted for a ban on all direct-to-consumer advertising for drugs and medical devices.

Two new med tech incubators in the works--one with the AMA, the other Georgia Tech

The American Medical Association is partnering with Chicago-based healthcare technology incubator Matter. And the 30-year-old tech incubator the Advanced Technology Development Center is opening an incubator at Georgia Tech specifically for next-generation medical device companies.

AMA's obesity ruling could inspire new drug efforts

The AMA's decision to classify obesity as a disease is a direct attempt to persuade biopharma companies to develop new therapies by making it harder for payers to decline coverage while applying pressure on the FDA to approve more drugs faster.

Groups lobby White House as sunshine rule lingers

The rule for how drug and device makers will have to disclose their financial ties to doctors is 15 months overdue and the longer White House officials sit on it, the more lobbying it gets from different sides trying to shape its final wording.

AMA lines up against pharma's pay-to-delay deals

The Federal Trade Commission has a powerful new ally in its quest to quash "pay to delay" patent settlements: The American Medical Association. As Forbes reports, the doctors' association now officially supports legislation to outlaw the practice.

Docs riled by FDA's proposal to open up drug access

The FDA would free up some treatments for chronic conditions, such as asthma and diabetes, so patients could obtain them without a prescription.

AMA counts to 10 before voting drug shortages position

Unlike the many individual patients who report feeling powerless when they are unable to get drugs they need, doctors are plying their strength in numbers under the banner of the American Medical

More med schools push conflicts policies

Once again, the American Medical Student Association is taking its professors and schools to task. The latest ratings on med school conflicts-of-interest policies show that more colleges are beefing

AMA won't ban industry-funded education

Pharma marketers can sigh with relief. The American Medical Association won't be banning industry-funded CME this year at least. At the association's annual meeting, delegates opted against a

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> While the FDA has been slammed by some drugmakers for its too-conservative approach to drug approval, it may have