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Latest Headlines

Alcon gets CE mark to sell new intraocular lens in Europe

Novartis' Alcon received CE mark approval to sell its AcrySof IQ PanOptix trifocal intraocular lens in Europe. The implantable lens corrects near, intermediate and distance vision in cataract patients.

In regional shakeup, Novartis' Alcon fires two Asia execs

Two key executives of Novartis AG subsidiary Alcon with responsibility for Asia were fired this week, AsianScientist reported, after confirming the action by the parent company.

Alcon intraocular lens gets FDA's stringent PMA approval

Novartis' Alcon received FDA approval for its implantable AcrySof IQ ReSTOR +2.5 Diopter intraocular lens, enabling vision correction at all distances in eye care patients with or without presbyopia who undergo cataract surgery.

UPDATED: FDA panel recommends approval of Alcon intraocular lens

FDA's Ophthalmic Devices Advisory Committee panel overwhelming recommended PMA approval of Alcon's ReSTOR Multifocal Toric Intraocular Lens for patients undergoing cataract eye surgery who are astigmatic and suffer from presbyopia.

300 Novartis workers to be sacked when Alcon plant closes next year

Workers at the plant in Mississauga, Ontario, got the news that layoffs will begin in May and operations will wind down by the end of next year.

'Zorro' claims Novartis' Alcon unit faked trials to bribe Chinese docs

The bribery allegations in China just keep on coming. Novartis' Alcon eyecare division now says it will investigate claims it used fabricated clinical trials to bribe doctors. The news is none too welcome for Novartis, which has already faced a set of bribery accusations in China.

Minority Schering shareholders extract another €46 per share from Bayer

A group of minority Schering AG shareholders held out to the bitter end against what Bayer wanted to pay them for their shares, and they will now get the sweet deal they said they deserved.

Novartis nabs EU clearance for Jetrea; Roche's hep C drug Pegasys wins new use

Novartis won European approval for its eye drug Jetrea, as a treatment for vitreomacular traction, and the European Medicines Agency also approved a new use for Roche's hepatitis C drug Pegasys.

FDA knocks Alcon for marketing updated cataract laser minus clearance

Alcon marketed its LenSx laser to treat cataracts without gaining proper regulatory clearance for updated software and other improvements to the product, the FDA alleges in a warning letter citing the company.

Novartis' Jimenez says no need to sell Roche stake

With a new chairman selected to take the helm of Novartis, lots of folks are wondering what is in store for the Swiss drugmaker. Not so fast, CEO Joe Jimenez said this week.