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Latest Headlines

A missile, a plane crash and a profound loss to AIDS research

Unfortunately, the biggest news coming out of the 20th International AIDS Conference involves the researchers who were killed on their way there.

Zyomyx snags $7.5M from WHO's UNITAID to fund HIV/AIDS test in emerging markets

California diagnostic maker Zyomyx pulled in $7.5 million from World Health Organization-hosted UNITAID to support commercialization of its MyT4 point-of-care CD4 test for HIV/AIDS in the developing world.

NIH leaders view HIV vaccine as essential to ending AIDS pandemic

While antiretroviral therapies and preventive measures have helped lessen the impact of HIV, leaders at the National Institutes of Health think a safe, moderately effective vaccine is still needed.

A California nonprofit is crowdfunding its tech-enabled HIV vaccine project

In the 25 years since the first World AIDS Day, patient outcomes have improved significantly, but the long-sought-after vaccine remains elusive. As the world commemorated the event this week, two very different projects outlined their plans to combat the virus.

Key HIV protein structure revealed

Scientists have unraveled one of the mysteries of HIV--they've mapped out the structure of an envelope protein within the virus, long known as an extremely difficult target.

New obstacle found in search for HIV/AIDS cure

A cure for HIV/AIDS may not be as close as scientists believed, according to a new study by Johns Hopkins researchers. In a report published Oct. 24 in the journal Cell, investigators found a new obstacle that could hinder current efforts to find a cure for the immune-compromising disease.

Drug-releasing intravaginal ring could help women control HIV prevention

Researchers at Northwestern University have developed an intravaginal ring that releases an antiretroviral drug over a long period of time, a replacement for such regimens as daily pills or vaginal gels that have low levels of compliance.

Par to pay $45M for off-label Megace marketing

Par Pharmaceutical has joined the off-label rogue's gallery. The drugmaker agreed to pay $45 million to wrap up charges that it promoted Megace ES, a treatment for appetite loss in AIDS patients, for a variety of unapproved uses.

Stem cell-reliant HIV vaccine launches animal studies in January

Scientists at the Texas Biomedical Research Institute have big plans for a new treatment designed to help stop the transmission of HIV. The San Antonio Express-News reports that in January they'll start testing a genetically engineered vaccine in rhesus monkeys that interacts with epithelial stem cells to do its job.

AIDS vaccine failures trigger 'Goldilocks' analogy

Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) researchers think the inability to find an effective AIDS vaccine may come down to not finding the right virus strain to make one.