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Latest Headlines

Novartis' Sandoz unit recalls some Ritalin over packaging issue

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder drugs like Ritalin have been on the FDA shortage list for a variety of reasons. Now add to that packaging problems which have led Novartis to recall nearly 22,000 bottles.

New attention disorder could equal a big new ADHD drug market. But is it legit?

There could be a new attention disorder on the block in the future--one that could open up a new patient pool for ADHD drugmakers Eli Lilly, Shire and others. But with pharma critics adept at pointing fingers at companies for "disease-mongering," it's one that could open up a new round of controversy, too.

Novartis-backed Neurovance bags $6.3M to focus on ADHD

Cambridge, MA's Neurovance has reeled in a $6.3 million extension to its earlier Series A, money it'll use to push forward with a promising nonstimulant treatment for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

Neos collects $15.5M from private investors to bring ADHD extended-release option to market

Texas oral drug delivery specialist Neos Therapeutics pulled in $15.5 million in a Series C round of financing to help propel its line of ADHD controlled-release treatments to the market.

Targacept shares crater after another program goes down in flames

After a steady drumbeat of setbacks over the past two years, the Winston-Salem, NC-based biotech says it will tamp down the last spade of dirt on TC-5619 after the therapy--which already failed a study for ADHD--flunked the primary as well as secondary endpoints in a Phase IIb study for schizophrenia.

ADHD experts worry that pharma ads drive too many kids to meds

Is the huge rise in attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder diagnoses a pharma coup or public-health boon?

Biomarker differentiates ADHD subtypes, offers clues for treatment

ADHD is one of the most frequently diagnosed psychiatric illnesses among children, and it's only growing more prevalent, yet subtypes of the disorder have proven tough to distinguish. Now researchers think they may have found a biomarker that does just that.

Shire aims to win skeptical Europe over to ADHD drugs

The diagnosis of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder  keeps growing in the U.S. and drugs to treat it keep going blockbuster. But Europe is another story. And it's a story that Shire has to change if it wants its latest drug in the ADHD lineup to succeed.

Omega-3 alleviates ADHD symptoms in rats

A new study suggests that omega-3, the fatty acid found in fish, eggs and some plant oils that is vital for normal metabolism, may be able to improve behavior associated with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

First ADHD brain test gains FDA's blessing

A small Georgia company won the FDA's blessing this week to start marketing the first medical device of its kind approved to help diagnose attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD.