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Latest Headlines

GI dealmaking pays off for Valeant, Actavis with same-day FDA nods in IBS

When it comes to go-aheads in irritable bowel syndrome, the FDA was busy Wednesday, approving the indication for a pair of drugs. And now, it looks as if recent M&A moves to acquire those drugs are about to pay off for Valeant and Actavis.

Valeant, Actavis on verge of FDA nods in IBS for Xifaxan, eluxadoline

Get ready for a showdown in the irritable bowel syndrome market.

The legal death of Actavis' Namenda strategy spells doom for the 'hard switch'

A U.S. appeals court has officially spoiled Actavis' plot to force patients over to a new, patent-protected version of Namenda to preserve the med's revenues when generics hit. So if other drugmakers are considering the tactic, they'd better think twice.

Actavis wins more hearts on Wall Street as 'top 4' Morgan Stanley pick

Bill Ackman may be selling down the Actavis share he acquired when his plan to force an Allergan sale to Valeant failed. But for other investors, now's a good time to buy the Dublin drugmaker's stock, as far as Morgan Stanley is concerned.

Heavyweight investors sock big bucks into Valeant while others sell down

Valeant's former deal partner Bill Ackman is pretty rosy on his outlook for the company, as he's shown with a large share-grab and comparison to Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway. But he's not the only one.

Actavis talks to DOJ about resolving probe of Warner Chilcott marketing misdeeds

Actavis is trying to rid itself of some nasty legal entanglements that it picked up in its $8.5 billion deal for Ireland's Warner Chilcott, meeting with the Justice Department looking for a way to put to rest an investigation into allegations Warner Chilcott essentially bribed doctors into prescribing some of its meds.

J&J, Endo, Teva and Actavis off the hook in Chicago painkiller lawsuit

Four out of 5 drugmakers sued by the city of Chicago escaped the lawsuit, thanks to a Friday court ruling. The case against Purdue Pharma, however, will go on--albeit in a diminished way.

Actavis delivers big Q1 sales boost, thanks to Forest, Allergan buys

Spring is in the air, and Actavis is starting to see the fruits of last year's M&A. The company reported first-quarter earnings that beat expectations--and sales that took a 59% leap over last year--after acquiring Forest Laboratories and Allergan.

HHS: Actavis could cost the government $6B with Namenda hard switch

Actavis said last month that it stood to lose $200 million in sales if an appeals court didn't let it force patients over to a new, patent-protected version of Alzheimer's treatment Namenda before generics hit. But if the court does allow the so-called hard switch? The federal government stands to lose much, much more.

Allergan to cut loose 577 more workers in Irvine

The pink slips are flying at Allergan once again. Recently bought by Actavis in a $66 billion deal, the company is preparing to lay off 577 more workers in a cost-cutting drive that started last year and won't end till its new head honchos finish squeezing savings out of the combined company.