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Latest Headlines

Actavis gets subpoena as DOJ probe of generic pricing moves up food chain

Allergan may be shedding its background as a generic drug company with a name change and a $40 billion deal to sell that piece of its business, but it hasn't eluded federal investigators intent on probing possible collusion in generic drug pricing. The drugmaker has acknowledged that its Actavis unit has been drawn into the Justice Department's widening criminal probe.

Actavis yanks more than half a million boxes of birth control pills for packaging faux pas

For the third time this year, a drugmaker is having to recall birth control pills in North America. This time, it is Actavis, which is voluntarily recalling more than half a million boxes of contraceptives because of packaging problems.

Allergan CEO: 'The cuts are done' at layoffs-plagued Irvine campus

The good news for Allergan's ex-headquarters in Irvine, CA: CEO Brent Saunders says the operations there are still key to the company. More good news: The layoffs that hit that site are now over and done, he says.

FDA balks on generic Concerta as Mallinckrodt, Actavis meds gobble up market

Back in November, the FDA gave drugmakers producing cheap knockoffs of Johnson & Johnson's ADHD med Concerta 6 months to prove that their copycat versions were equivalent to the brand-name drug, or remove their product from the market. But that time has come and gone, and the FDA has yet to issue a final word on the meds.

What's in a name? For newly transformed Allergan, branded sales

Bye-bye, Actavis. The drugmaker has officially adopted its recent buyout's moniker, meaning it'll be known as Allergan from here on out.

Does brand + generic really add up? Sandoz, Actavis execs count the ways

These days, companies are increasingly looking to put both branded and generic meds under one roof. And Peter Goldschmidt, the U.S. president of Novartis' Sandoz unit, doesn't know why they didn't do it sooner.

Orexigen, Takeda slap Actavis with Contrave patent-infringement lawsuit

Orexigen and Takeda have already had their fair share of headaches over obesity med Contrave this year after a data leak forced the pair to abandon a postmarketing heart study. Now, though, they've got a generic to fend off, and they've sued maker Actavis in order to do just that.

India's Aurobindo Pharma shuttles Actavis products into domestic market

Aurobindo Pharma has started efforts to bring some of the products it bought from Actavis as part of a €30 million ($41 million) deal to buy 7 Actavis active pharmaceutical ingredient facilities across Western Europe in early 2014.

FDA demands new warnings on dermal fillers from Actavis, Galderma

Dermal fillers are meant to minimize the appearance of wrinkles and give the face a smoother, fuller appearance. But they may also have some nasty consequences if injected incorrectly, and so the FDA is calling for some updated labeling on the products.

GI dealmaking pays off for Valeant, Actavis with same-day FDA nods in IBS

When it comes to go-aheads in irritable bowel syndrome, the FDA was busy Wednesday, approving the indication for a pair of drugs. And now, it looks as if recent M&A moves to acquire those drugs are about to pay off for Valeant and Actavis.