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Latest Headlines

Want Actavis? Prepare to pay up, CEO says

Actavis CEO Brent Saunders expects pharma's deal wave to continue. But make no mistake, he says: Potential suitors are going to have to pony up a pretty penny if they want to swallow his company.

Why call us Allergan? Because brands are the name of Actavis' new game

Actavis has been working to boost its branded drug sales and shift its identity from a generics maker to a company that houses both branded and copycat meds under one roof. In case there's any confusion about the path it's chosen, it's taking on the name of its latest branded buy.

Actavis sells its outsourcing biz to TPG

Actavis is selling its in-house R&D outsourcing company to private equity giant TPG, which has plans for more bolt-on acquisitions.

TPG buys back Aptalis' Pharmatech unit from Actavis

Actavis says it needs to concentrate on integrating the manufacturing network it will soon get from Allergan and so decided to sell back to private equity investor TPG a small piece of Aptalis. TPG sold Aptalis to Forest Laboratories a year ago just ahead of Forest's buyout by Actavis.

AstraZeneca continues its respiratory land grab with $600M-plus Actavis deal

AstraZeneca CEO Pascal Soriot has said he wants to dominate in the respiratory field. Actavis CEO Brent Saunders has no such ambitions. Now, the two have struck a deal.

Actavis plunks down $460M for U.K. generics specialist Auden Mckenzie

On an acquisition trail, U.S.-based Actavis has snapped up Auden Mckenzie, a U.K. generics maker, for £306 million in cash plus royalties.

Actavis CEO: Pharma believer and Botox user, yes. The Borg? No

Actavis CEO Brent Saunders is committed to his company, its employees and the brands it sells--at least, that's the image he projected when he received Botox, the lead product from recent purchase Allergan, on a stage in front of 1,000 of the California drugmaker's sales reps.

UPDATED: Actavis recalling 2,000 bottles generic seizure drug

Actavis has another drug recall to deal with, this one involving nearly 65,000 bottles of the generic version of the seizure drug Neurontin that it manufactures at a plant in India. The voluntary recall follows one in November of a drug that was key to its acquisition last year of Forest Pharmaceuticals.

Actavis working to add Allergan CEO Pyott to board: Reuters

Back in November, Actavis said it would invite two members of Allergan's board to join the ranks of the new company's directors in the wake of their $66 billion merger. And according to Reuters ' sources, Allergan CEO David Pyott is one of them.

Big Pharma vs. 'growth pharma'? Let Actavis chief detail the differences

SAN FRANCISCO-- Actavis may be a big pharma now that it's joining hands with Allergan, but it's not a Big Pharma, CEO Brent Saunders insists. The merger partners are taking the term "growth pharma" and running with it as they set out to differentiate themselves from the industry's slow-growing stalwarts.