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Latest Headlines

Big Pharma ranks near bottom in patient attitudes

Big Pharma has got to be thankful for for-profit health insurers. They represent the only group that patients who are taking drugs are touched by that they dislike more than makers of branded drugs.

AARP, AFL-CIO and prominent docs to White House: Get us the sunshine rules, stat

Remember the Physician Payments Sunshine Act? If it's a vague memory, don't feel bad. The legislation that mandated disclosure of financial ties between industry and doctors is years old now. And because regulations to implement the act are 15 months overdue, it's not exactly front-of-mind for the average pharma-watcher.

AARP finds nearly 26% increase in retail drug prices

AARP has unveiled its latest look at drug prices, and once again, the association of 50-plus Americans has found big increases.

AARP report totes up 9.7% drug-price hike

Drug prices are up--way up. That's the conclusion of a report from AARP, which looked at branded prescription drugs most commonly used by Medicare patients. Prices for those meds grew by 9.7 percent