European regulators have come down on a Danish pharma repackager that they say tried to hide violations from inspectors.

There is evidence that Actelion and Johnson & Johnson are edging closer to a deal to give the U.S. drugmaker control of the Swiss biotech, sort of.

After his Cancer Moonshot work, Vice President Joe Biden plans to head up a new nonprofit that will work on cancer issues—including high drug prices.

Greek prosecutors have raided Novartis offices and questioned 178 people in a bribery investigation launched after corruption allegations surfaced in local…

We won’t surprise anyone by saying that Topic No. 1 in pharma this year was drug pricing. We’ll give you one guess as to whether 2017 will be more of the same…

After a yearlong investigation into rising drug prices, the U.S. Senate has released a report that seeks to provide solutions to a tough conundrum: Legislators…

CMS has backed off a new payment model for Medicare Part B, saying it would not finalize the proposed model during President Obama’s administration.

Officials in the U.K. are taking issue with huge price hikes, now targeting Actavis for a 12,000% increase.

Seven years after safety concerns altered the trajectory of Pfizer’s stop-smoking med Chantix, the FDA has pulled its black-box warning from the drug’s label.