A recent investigation alleges that Avanir Pharmaceuticals inappropriately marketed its neurological treatment Nuedexta to nursing home residents.

Bracing for generic competition to big-selling Lyrica, Pfizer has won FDA approval for a longer-lasting version that could help it defend sales.

FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, reportedly in the running for the top HHS job, says he'd rather stay put, and pharma might agree.

California's new drug pricing law won't reveal now-secret numbers till early 2019, but drugmakers need to brace themselves for ripple effects.

Novo has filed a citizen petition saying Victoza’s manufacturing is so complex that equivalence of generics can't be certain without clinical trials.

Despite protests from the pharma industry, California Gov. Jerry Brown has decided to sign legislation aimed at increasing transparency in pricing.

BDO sifted through SEC filings to discover just what the top 100 life sciences companies are most worried about these days.

Flexion's Zilretta won approval on Friday, with its official label winning praise from executives and analysts.

Sen. Claire McCaskill is moving to shut down the "brazen loophole" exposed in Allergan's tribal licensing deal.