Johnson & Johnson and its attorneys have come up victorious in a new talc powder jury decision.

Mylan and Biocon today won a court ruling that said they may sell their Herceptin biosimilar in India where it was first introduced three years ago.

The allegations are adding up against the former Actavis unit in the U.K.

Valeant has wrapped up a couple of shareholder lawsuits it inherited with its purchase of Salix. But it’s now millions of dollars deeper in the hole.

Valeant’s executives did their darndest to point out the positives in the company’s Q4 earnings, but they couldn’t hide from the picture painted by the numbers.

J&J has joined fellow drug giant Pfizer and a half-dozen smaller drugmakers in a Justice Department probe of patient-assistance charities.

​​​​​​​Add Pfizer to the list of the companies facing a governmental investigation about its ties to copay assistance charities.

Companies are flocking to biosimilars, but one pharma chief won’t be surprised if those biosim developers one day change their tune.

The former Valeant and Philidor execs accused of engineering a multimillion-dollar fraud and kickback scheme say they didn’t do it.