Greece’s justice minister said Novartis likely bribed “thousands” of government officials and doctors in an effort to promote its medicines.

Under fire and under investigation, Mallinckrodt has resigned from the trade group PhRMA, which has been trying to polish the drug industry's damaged…

Sanofi Pasteur agreed to pay more than $19.8 million to settle allegations that it overcharged the Department of Veterans Affairs for its products.

Mylan faces a class action lawsuit over its pricing of allergy shot EpiPen—the first suit alleging the company violated the federal RICO Act.

Big Pharma figures the Amgen vs. Sanofi patent decision, when it comes, could upturn their pipeline drugs and development choices, so they're weighing in…

Oxycodone manufacturer Mallinckrodt is in talks with federal authorities to settle for $35 million accusations regarding the highly addictive pills.

A U.S. judge has ordered Novartis to do something it’s been trying for a year to avoid: Hand over documents on 79K events the company says it held with doctors.

In the wake of the Republicans' Obamacare failure last week, Democrats are stepping in with a "landmark" drug pricing bill that would…

A top Senate Democrat is throwing the weight of her office behind efforts to dig into opioid marketing practices.