Bristol-Myers Squibb will unload an API plant in Ireland to a South Korean company with large aspirations in contract manufacturing.

The proxy battle at Mylan intensified Wednesday with salvos from both sides.

An influential proxy firm urges shareholders to oust Mylan's highly paid CEO and chairman and eight other board members.

Who could swallow Tesaro and its $7.5B-plus market cap? That was the question just days ago. Now, a pair of M&A-starved pharmas may be trying.

A host of Big Pharmas have promised to limit their price hikes, but Pfizer isn't one of them—and that has some investors riled.

South Korean authorities aren’t letting Novartis off the hook easily in an ongoing bribery controversy.

How will Novartis price its CAR-T med if and when it wins an FDA nod? That's what the drugmaker is trying to figure out.

Teva confirms that it's not only looking for an outsider to lead the company. It wants a seasoned pharma CEO.

If Bristol-Myers Squibb needed more evidence to suggest it had lost the immuno-oncology lead to Merck & Co., it got it at ASCO.