​​​​​​​Rocked by a corruption scandal in Korea, Novartis is working to strengthen and simplify its global ethics and compliance approach.

Takeda’s plan to launch a Hib vaccine in Japan has ended in smoke as GlaxoSmithKline has terminated production of Vaxem Hib.

Johnson & Johnson has kept a positive attitude about its blockbuster immunology drug Remicade and the biosimilar competition it’s facing.

Sanofi Pasteur's dengue vaccine Dengvaxia will have to undergo phase 4 testing in Malaysia.

In what could be a direct rebuttal to President Donald Trump’s view on foreign trade, Eli Lilly CEO David Ricks called any promotion of deglobalization “…

Mylan and Biocon today won a court ruling that said they may sell their Herceptin biosimilar in India where it was first introduced three years ago.

India’s largest drugmakers want the U.S. to import their drugs to hold down healthcare costs. But questions on manufacturing quality are clouding their efforts.

Novartis is still facing fallout from last year’s kickbacks case in South Korea. Officials there levied a set of punishments and are weighing "tougher…

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