A U.S. Army official dismissed critics targeting Sanofi's pending license for a government-funded Zika vaccine candidate.

Fresenius’ new CEO has pulled off a dealmaking double play, committing more than $5.4 billion to expand its reach in both sterile generics and in biosimilars.

Biogen has new data to support its superpricey spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) drug Spinraza.

WHO plans real-world pilot studies of GlaxoSmithKline’ malaria jab Mosquirix in three African countries.

Johnson & Johnson has kept a positive attitude about its blockbuster immunology drug Remicade and the biosimilar competition it’s facing.

Analysts question whether positive survival data for Lilly's abemaciclib will be enough to help the third-to-market med hang with its competition.…

Children with a rare, devastating brain disease may soon have their first treatment option in BioMarin’s Brineura.

With its MS meds under pressure, Biogen is looking to M&A to boost its future, hunting deals that would build on its success with drugs like Spinraza.

Klick Health's Klick Labs created a programmable device that simulates Parkinson's disease tremors in a bid to create empathy and study its effect on…