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RWD’s Value in Accelerating Autoimmune Disease Diagnosis

60 minutes

Delayed diagnosis of autoimmune diseases is common due to subjective symptoms, lack of definitive testing, and gender bias. This delay can cause worsening symptoms and disease progression in individuals while simultaneously leading to missed research opportunities and reduced revenue for pharma.

Longitudinal real-world data (RWD) collected directly from individuals can help by giving you a comprehensive and objective picture of patients’ day-to-day experiences and quality of life. Join Evidation's webinar to hear experts discuss how advancements in RWD can:

  • Identify new markers for earlier detection, capturing individuals’ unique experiences

  • Power AI tools for faster analysis, reducing delays and improving healthcare equity

  • Collect data needed to inform health care provider discussions to support diagnosis


Bonnie Feldmen

Bonnie Feldmen

Digital health consultant since 2012, author of the oft-cited white paper: “Big Data in Healthcare”, Dr. Feldman champions IT reimagining healthcare, especially for autoimmune patients. A patient advocate, she interviewed 400+ patients for her e-book, “How to be CEO of Your Own Health”. As Co-Founder/Chief Patient Officer at Rheumission, she leads a diverse integrative rheumatology team. With 10 grandkids and family autoimmune genes, she is committed to using data to support patient-centered care, including earlier detection, even prevention.

Wei-Nchih Lee

Wei-Nchih Lee, MD, PhD

Dr. Lee is a board certified Internal Medicine physician, Epidemiologist and Data Scientist who currently serves as a Medical Research Scientist at Evidation Health. Over the last 25 years, Dr. Lee worked in various academic settings where he published in the areas of medical education, automated detection of clinical practice patterns, and more recently the role of wearable digital devices in Real World Data.


Nell Marshall, DrPH

Nell Marshall is a highly accomplished Senior Director of Research and Market Strategy, specializing in patient-centered healthcare innovation and digital health. Dr. Marshall has excelled in leveraging data analytics for strategic decision-making and transforming healthcare programs, and, at Evidation, she has led pivotal initiatives in decentralized clinical trials and digital health outcomes studies, utilizing real-world evidence to develop groundbreaking insights for the internal research agenda.

Prior to Evidation, Dr. Marshall served as a Research Health Scientist at VA HSR&D, directing significant studies on national and regional healthcare programs. Holding a Doctorate in Public Health from UCLA, with a specialization in economics and policy analysis, and a Master's in Public Health in health services management and finance, Dr. Marshall's expertise is further endorsed by her certificate in comparative effectiveness research and pharmacoeconomics.

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60 minutes