Bayer study reveals growth opportunity for vet clinics in fighting parasites

A survey of 2,000 pet owners conducted by Bayer HealthCare Animal Health and the Companion Animal Parasite Council (CAPC) has revealed that when veterinarians provide information to clients about parasites prevalent in their area, they can drive up clinic visits. Specifically, 90% of pet owners said they want veterinarians to provide information about parasites, and 89% said such information would likely prompt them to make appointments with their veterinarians. The CAPC is now offering several tools to veterinarians free of charge, including frequently updated parasite prevalence maps and educational webinars. As for Bayer, it has more than a passing interest in this topic: It markets Advantage Multi (named Advocate in some countries), a broad antiparasitic for dogs and cats that fights heartworm, fleas, mites and other pests. Release