Welcome to the inaugural issue of FierceVaccines

Welcome to the inaugural issue of FierceVaccines.

Every week, a team of writers will examine the people, trends and research projects making news in the vaccine field. Drawing on reports from around the globe, our newsletter aims to provide authoritative insight on a fast-moving industry. Designed to appeal to industry insiders with a compelling and quick read, you'll get the latest analysis of the field and a look at the innovative technology that is revolutionizing the development and production of vaccines. And we'll offer original coverage, with interviews and profiles of the people on the cutting edge of the industry.

To accommodate the holiday schedule, we'll be taking a break after this inaugural issue and returning on a weekly schedule in early January. Everyone subscribing to one of our Life Sciences publications--FierceBiotech, FiercePharma and FierceBioResearcher--will get the first two issues of 2008. Anyone who wants to receive it after that will have to subscribe, which is free. We'd like to thank Covance, which is sponsoring FierceVaccines. And we'd love to hear any suggestions you may have for our new newsletter. - John Carroll, Editor-in-Chief