VaxInnate reports success for new flu jab; adjuvant in trials;

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VaxInnate is touting the results of a Phase I trial for a new seasonal flu vaccine that they say could do away with the need for an annual jab. Report

Scientists in New Zealand are testing a new adjuvant in cancer vaccines that they say appears safe and effective. Report

Nabi Biopharmaceuticals reported positive final results from its Phase II NicVAX (Nicotine Conjugate Vaccine) schedule optimization immunogenicity study to assess the antibody response and safety of a 400 microgram, six dose immunization schedule. Release

A universal vaccination program can protect the entire population from a flu outbreak. Story

Vaxart announced positive efficacy results from preclinical studies of the company's oral avian flu vaccine. Release

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A sudden surge in the number of cases of anaphylactic shock after single vaccines has raised safety concerns in the UK. Story

Some 200 polling places around the U.S. are offering a flu shot on election day. Report