Tamiflu-resistant vaccine clusters contained; Pique forges licensing pact;

Swine Flu

Two disturbing clusters of Tamiflu-resistant H1N1 influenza in Wales and the United States were contained inside the hospital, with no sign of contagion among staff, other patients and the surrounding community, according to investigators at the World Health Organization. And while three of the four infected patients at Duke University Hospital in Raleigh, NC died, they were all severely immunocompromised, a common condition among patients who are resistant to Tamiflu. Story

Officials in Maryland, meanwhile, announced the state's first two cases of Tamiflu-resistant swine flu. Report

China has ordered 1 million more doses of Sinovac's swine flu vaccine. Story

The WHO has approved GlaxoSmithKline's swine flu vaccine--which contains an adjuvant--for use in developing countries. Story

Vaccine Research

North Carolina-based Pique Therapeutics has forged a license deal with Technomark Life Sciences covering its therapeutic lung cancer vaccine. Story

Providence, RI-based EpiVax has inked a deal with Roche to collaborate on technology designed to enhance an immune response. Report

Sweden's Tripep has completed a Phase I trial of a hepatitis C DNA vaccine which is delivered with technology developed by Inovio Biomedical. Story

SciClone Pharmaceuticals announced that Rome-based development partner Sigma-Tau, S.p.A., has initiated a pilot study in Italy to evaluate Zadaxin's (thymalfasin) ability to enhance immune response to the MF59 adjuvanted H1N1 influenza monovalent vaccine, Focetria from Novartis. Release

Vaccine Market

The FDA has approved Novartis' AgriFlu, a new seasonal flu vaccine that may be available in the U.S. this fall. Story

Sanofi-Aventis' vaccine unit may face a lawsuit originally filed against its distributor by a patient who claims to have suffered severe brain damage as the result of taking one of its products. Report

GlaxoSmithKline has filed for approval to sell its Rotarix vaccine in Japan. The jab is designed to prevent rotavirus gastroenteritis, a leading cause of severe gastroenteritis. Story

Ninety percent of all vaccine preventable deaths occur in those 65 and older, including residents in nursing homes, according to highlighted studies in the Pennsylvania Patient Safety Authority's 2009 December Patient Safety Advisory. Release