Soligenix gets orphan drug designation for RiVax, GPs could lose control of flu vax program in the UK

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Soligenix has announced that the FDA has granted orphan drug designation to RiVax for the prevention of ricin intoxication.  RiVax is a proprietary vaccine that contains a recombinant subunit of the A chain of ricin toxin which induces ricin neutralizing antibodies in humans and animals. Soligenix release

Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) causes nearly 500,000 hospitalizations and 19,000 deaths a year in the U.S. Scientists are now a step closer to developing a vaccine to prevent life-threatening MRSA infections after bone and joint surgery. News

For generations, tobacco served as North Carolina's economic engine, creating wealth while also eroding public health. Now, thanks to an international vaccine company setting up shop in Research Triangle Park, the cash crop could be turning over a new leaf to become an integral part of preserving good health. Story

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Iowa State University-based shrimp research has led to an international licensing and marketing agreement for two vaccines to be used in shrimp farming around the world. Hank Harris, professor in animal science, started working on shrimp vaccines in 2000 and has now reached an agreement with one of Asia's dominant aquaculture producers for collaborative research support and marketing of the products resulting from the research throughout Asia and major shrimp-producing countries in the Americas. Iowa State release

GPs face losing control of managing the flu vaccine program following supply problems in England this winter, the UK's head of immunization says. News

Microbix Biosystems said that it has named the management leaders for the Hunan/Microbix joint venture, with Chris Baron leading the team as CEO and Jacques-Francois Martin as chairman. Commenting about Baron, the company stated that he also established and led GSK's joint venture that is now the largest foreign vaccine manufacturer in China. Report

A long-proposed vaccine factory championed by the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center may have found a home on the site of the former LTV steel mill in Hazelwood, a UPMC official said Wednesday. Article