Single shot could kick the cocaine habit; Sanofi has recalled its TB vaccine in Canada;

> Cocaine addiction can be treated with behavioral modification and support but this is a long and slow process--what if it could be treated with just a single shot? Researchers in the U.S. have developed a virus-based therapeutic that delivers genes coding for a cocaine antibody, which captures the drug and prevents it from crossing the blood-brain barrier. Press release | Paper

> Sanofi has voluntarily recalled its tuberculosis (BCG) vaccine in Canada because of manufacturing issues that could affect the vaccine's quality. Article

> The world's first hepatitis E vaccine, Hecolin, is likely to be launched in China this year, through Xiamen University's Xiamen Innovax Biotech. Article

> Biovest has submitted formal notification to the European Medicines Agency (EMA) of its intent to file a Marketing Authorization Application (MAA) for approval in Europe of BiovaxID, its personalized follicular non-Hodgkin's lymphoma therapeutic vaccine; this could make it the first lymphoma vaccine available in Europe. Press release

> Militants have banned polio vaccination teams in North Waziristan, a region of Pakistan, as a protest against U.S. drone strikes. Article

> Anergis has reached preclinical milestones for its ragweed pollen allergy vaccine, AllerR. Article

> U.S. courts have ruled that Apotex is not infringing Merck's patent with its generic form of NASONEX. Press release

> NovaRx has completed enrollment in its Phase III clinical trial of Lucanix (belagenpumatucel-L), its whole tumor cell vaccine for the treatment of non-small cell lung cancer. Press release

> The CDC has voted to recommend the expanded use of Pfizer's Prevnar 13 vaccine in adults of 19 and older who have compromised immune systems. Article

> Hepatitis B vaccine appears to protect for 25 years, making boosters unnecessary. Article

> Texas A&M has won a federal contract that could be worth $1.5-2 billion over 25 years, to become a national hub of vaccine production and bioterror preparedness. Article

And Finally… Bharat Biotech and the University of Maryland Center's for Vaccine Development (CVD) have received a $4 million Strategic Translation Award from the Wellcome Trust for the clinical development of a vaccine against non-typhoidal Salmonella. Article