Selecta receives $47.25M funding influx; Johns Hopkins measures global vaccine coverage;

Vaccine Research

A Phase IIb trial found that when Transgene's TG4010 was administered with traditional chemotherapy, it slowed the progression of non-small cell lung cancer when compared to only chemotherapy treatment. Story

Flu jabs might not be as effective for overweight or obese patients, according to a study in the International Journal of Obesity. While overweight individuals did develop a comparable initial immune response to patients with a healthy weight, their immune protection waned more quickly. Report

Immunovaccine has received the OK from Health Canada to begin a Phase I/II trial for DPX-Survivac. The trial will test the cancer vaccine in advanced stage ovarian cancer patients. Immunovaccine release

Vaccine Market

Watertown, MA-based Selecta Biosciences has received $47.25 million in new financing from RusNano. The funding will be used to beef up the company's R&D capabilities and expand its Synthetic Vaccine Particle platform. Selecta release

Researchers at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health have found a better way to measure total vaccine coverage by merging administrative and survey data. When compared to WHO and UNICEF estimates of vaccine coverage, the Johns Hopkins method shows lower coverage. Release

And Finally... Approximately 300,000 doses of the flu vaccine Preflucel have been recalled in Europe after increased reports of side effects, such as muscle pain, headaches and fatigue. Article