Scientists find canine Hepatitis C virus; Another reason for males to get HPV vax;

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Researchers have found a Hepatitis C-esque virus in dogs, and the discovery could help scientists determine treatments for the human disease. It's the first hepatitis-like infection that has been found in a non-human primate. Release

GSK's and PATH's malaria vaccine, RTS,S has started a three-year Phase III trial in Africa. GSK release

Thanks to the prevalence of pneumococcal vaccines, bacterial meningitis cases continue to wane in the U.S., according to the CDC. News

Sinovac released positive results from its Phase I EV71 vaccine trial. The human enterovirus 71 vaccine, which aims to prevent hand, foot and mouth disease (HFMD), was well tolerated and created a good immune response. Piece

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Forbes' Matthew Herper explored another reason why boys should get inoculated against HPV: tonsil cancer. While less lethal than most throat and neck cancers, Herper notes that there seem to be 11,400 cases of HPV-caused tonsil cancer every year, compared to 12,000 cervical cancer cases. Article

New Hampshire may soon make some vaccines more readily available to the public. The House has sent a bill that would allow pharmacists to administer pneumonia and shingles vaccines back to the Senate for review. Item

Texas A&M is looking to create a National Center for Innovation in Advanced Development and Manufacturing with other university and corporate partners. The biosecurity center would provide domestic vaccine manufacturing capabilities during public health emergencies and pandemics. Report

Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica has changed the names and looks of its Triangle animal vaccines. Triangle 5 has replaced Triangle 4 + Type II BVD and Triangle 10 is available instead of Triangle 9 + Type II BVD. Story