Rwanda to get donor support for Rubella vaccines; iTunes cards for HPV vaccinations;

> Human trials on a new rheumatic fever vaccine have begun in New Zealand and Australia, which have some of the highest rates of rheumatic fever in the world. Item

> Rwanda will be the first country to get donor support to launch a vaccination campaign against Rubella after having success with its program attacking measles. Story

> Integrated BioTherapeutics ($IBT) is starting the first human trials on the bioterrorism vaccine STEBVAX, with a trial designed to enroll 28 healthy adults. Release

>  Vaccine developer Profectus BioSciences has contracted Althea Technologies to manufacture gram-scale quantities of plasmid DNA expressing IL-12 for Profectus vaccine work. Release

And Finally... East Carolina University is offering students a $20 iTunes card if they complete the vaccination cycle for the oft contracted genital human papillomavirus, which is a leading cause for certain types of cancers. Item