Rubella declared eliminated from the Americas; MSF launches #AskPharma campaign calling on GSK and Pfizer to slash vaccine prices;

> The Pan American Health Association and the WHO announced that rubella has been eliminated from the Americas. News

> Médecins Sans Frontières launched a global campaign, A Fair Shot, to call on GlaxoSmithKline ($GSK) and Pfizer ($PFE) to lower the price of their pneumococcal vaccines. More

> To overcome the logistical challenges of traditional injected vaccines, researchers from Georgia Tech and the CDC are working on a pain-free patch to vaccinate against measles, which could be in clinical trials as early as 2017. Article

> St. Louis University scored a $1.1 million federal contract to study a universal flu vaccine. The NIH funding will cover study protocol development, clinical trials and detailed lab work. Story

And Finally... Tetris may make your brain more efficient and work as a "cognitive vaccine." Piece