Researchers try a new tactic in developing seasonal flu vax for the elderly; CDC sees big gains in vaccination rates;

Vaccine Research

In a new study, a top researcher from Vanderbilt University Medical Center suggests that combining a fusion protein with a trivalent seasonal flu vaccine could help provide the protection that older people need. It's been well documented by now that older people are not protected by the seasonal flu vaccine that's currently available. Story (sub. req.)

William Haseltine recalls the early research work done 20 years ago that led to the development of Dendreon's Provenge, the world's first therapeutic vaccine and a herald of many more to come. Report

A new study failed to find any reduction in cardiac events for people getting the pneumococcal vaccine. "If pneumococcal polysaccharide vaccine is not as effective as previously believed in preventing infection and its complications, any putative effect of preventing infection-triggered acute MI or stroke becomes unlikely." Report (sub. req.)


The latest tally reveals that the U.S. now has 71 million unused doses of swine flu vaccine, but health officials want to hold on to them for a while longer until the new seasonal jab arrives. Story

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The CDC outlined some big gains for seasonal flu vaccinations. Forty percent of the eligible population was vaccinated during the past winter, up from 33 percent the year before. Some 100 million Americans were vaccinated against the flu, with children under the age of 17 seeing the biggest leap in compliance. Story

There's new evidence to suggest that foot-dragging on childhood vaccines is exposing children to new and unnecessary dangers. A new survey shows that one of every three parents is delaying getting their children vaccinated and 12 percent simply refuse to do it. And doctors say that children who don't have the necessary shots by the age of 2 face an added risk of disease. Report

Childhood vaccines can trigger early onset of infant epilepsy, but researchers stress that the condition is the result of genetic mutations linked to the condition and that there was no reason to use this study to deny a child a vaccine. Story

A woman in New Mexico filed a lawsuit claiming that an HPV vaccine spurred physical and behavioral problems for her teenage daughter. Report