Researchers report progress on Rift Valley vaccine; Vax company cites construction delay in layoffs;

Vaccine Research

Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh Centre for Vaccine Research say they're making significant progress on the first human vaccine for the lethal Rift Valley Fever. Story

Scientists have found a new protein pathway for malaria, offering an important insight for vaccine developers. Report

Lenexa, KS-based TVAX Biomedical says it is a little more than two years away from a potential approval of its cancer vaccine, TVAX. Report

An experimental vaccine for Marburg hemorrhagic fever has demonstrated promise in an animal trial. Report

Vaccine Market

The vaccine company GenPhar says it was forced to lay off 15 employees due to construction delays at its new facility. Report

A whooping cough epidemic has broken out in California, and health officials are urging parents to have their children vaccinated. Story