Profectus immunizes first patient in Ph1 HIV vax trial

Baltimore-based Profectus Biosciences has inoculated its first patient in a Phase I trial of its multi-antigen DNA HIV vaccine. The study will monitor 60 HIV patients who are on stable anti-retroviral therapy, and dose them with the MAG-pDNA vaccine and varying levels of GENEVAX interleukin-12 adjuvant, MAG-pDNA vaccine alone or a placebo. The study is being sponsored by the National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

"This study will provide important information as to the most adjuvant active dose of GENEVAX IL-12, and it will do so in combination with the Profectus therapeutic vaccine in HIV infected subjects," said Dr. John Eldridge, Profectus' Chief Science Officer, in a release. "Improving the length and quality of life for those living with HIV infection is a goal we have been working toward for many years."

The study uses Ichor Medical System's TriGrid electroportation system to deliver GENEVAX. According to pre-clinical results, the MAG-pDNA vaccine in conjunction with GENEVAX creates a strong cell-mediated immune response during anti-retroviral therapy.

- see the Profectus release

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