Positive data with experimental nasal pneumococcal vaccine

Positive data with experimental nasal pneumococcal vaccine


Eurocine Vaccines' experimental pneumococcal vaccine protected mice against intranasal challenge. The monovalent nasal vaccine induced the same level of protection as the current gold standard, the injected Prevnar 13, at comparable dose levels.

Eurocine Vaccines AB (XSAT: EUCI), today announced positive data from the company's pneumococcal glycoconjugate vaccine program. The vaccine induced immune responses in mice that were protective against intranasal challenge with pneumococcal bacteria. The mice given the company's proprietary adjuvant Endocine™ in combination with the vaccine showed a statistically significant increase in protection compared to the vaccine alone.

Animals were immunized with a monovalent, nasal pneumococcal glycoconjugate vaccine at different dose levels with and without Endocine™. A comparable dose of the current gold standard, Prevnar 13, was used as a positive control. Mice were challenged intranasally with pneumococcal bacteria (homologous challenge1) to evaluate protection against disease.
The study showed a clear correlation between protection against disease, bacterial load in blood and lung and the presence of bactericidal antibodies in blood. The difference between groups with and without Endocine™ was statistically significant and confirms the adjuvant effect of Endocine™ on vaccines. The nasal monovalent vaccine showed the same level of protection as Prevnar, both on visible signs of disease, bacterial load and on presence of bactericidal antibodies, at comparable dose levels.

"I am very pleased with the positive data from the pneumococcal vaccine program. We will now continue with further studies to prepare documentation for a clinical trial" says Hans Arwidsson, CEO of Eurocine Vaccines.

For additional information, please contact CEO Hans Arwidsson, e‐mail [email protected]‐vaccines.com, telephone +46 70 634 0171.
1 The serotype used in the challenge is one of the serotypes that are present in Prevnar 13.

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Eurocine Vaccines is a publicly listed, clinical‐stage company developing nasal vaccines that meet important medical needs. The vaccines are developed up to proof of concept (clinical phase I/II) and licensed to partners for further development and commercialization. The company's proprietary vaccine adjuvant technologies, which are a key element of the nasal vaccines, are also offered to license partners for development in various indications. Present focus is on partnering the nasal influenza vaccine program, Immunose™ FLU, which has shown proof of concept in a clinical study, and on preclinical development of a nasal vaccine against bacterial pneumonia.
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