Pfizer recalls Prevnar; Daiichi Sankyo & Terumo to develop intradermal vaccines;

> Pfizer ($PFE) has recalled one lot of its Prevnar pneumococcal vaccine in the U.S. because it contained expired material. Article

> Daiichi Sankyo has signed an agreement to co-develop a new vaccine for the prevention of infectious diseases using Terumo's intradermal injection device, which could increase the immune response. Press release

> A vaccine from the Indian National Institute of Immunology, based on dendritic cells, is expected to go into clinical trials in India in March 2013. The vaccine will also be tested in the U.S. and has potential in breast, ovarian, cervical, thyroid and blood cancers. Article

> A vaccine 'off-switch', found by Dublin researchers, could help in the development of vaccines by boosting the immune response. Article

> A math technique used in quantum physics and stock market analysis could help researchers develop better HIV vaccines. Press release

> ImmunoCellular Therapeutics has licensed the tumor-associated antigen mesothelin from Johns Hopkins University, which will be used in ICT-140, a multivalent, dendritic cell-based vaccine for the treatment of ovarian cancer. Press release

> Researchers have developed a new humanized mouse model to test dendritic cell therapeutic vaccines. Abstract

> iBio has been granted a U.S. patent for its fusion protein technology using lichenase in an adjuvant-like role to improve the performance of vaccines. Press release

And Finally… The University of Kansas is seeking licensees for a vaccine adjuvant. Details

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