Novavax advances new bird flu vax

Novavax has taken a big step toward opening up a market for its new technology to manufacture a bird flu vaccine. Researchers at the company announced positive results from a new study of its avian flu vaccine, which is made from virus-like particles that are engineered to produce an immune response. Because the vaccine depends on stable insect-cell cultures rather than the traditional egg-based approach, new supplies can be manufactured at a rapid pace.

Once they confirm its ability to work, Novavax and partner GE Healthcare want to license the process to other countries so they can make their own vaccine supplies as needed. GE makes the production equipment used in the manufacturing process. And fears over potential supply shortages in the event of a pandemic could create a long list of global buyers.

"If you truly believe a pandemic outbreak is likely, there is reason to believe foreign governments and the U.S. will clamp down and control the supply," Ken Trbovich, RBC Capital Markets analyst, told the Washington Post. "Other places in the world may have a lot of money, but no amount of money will get you vaccines in the case of a pandemic."

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ALSO: The University of Pittsburgh Center for Vaccine Research has received $3.6 million to advance its work on a bird flu vaccine. Report