Novartis pursues universal meningitis B vaccine; Hemispherix gets adjuvant patent;

Vaccine Research

Novartis and the University of Florence in Italy are studying whether they can formulate a universal meningitis B vaccine that protects against all 300-plus strains of the disease. Report

VIRxSYS Corporation says that a simian version of its HIV vaccine VRX1273 achieved a functional cure in a subset of rhesus macaques that had been challenged with a high dose of simian immunodeficiency virus (SIV). Release

Researchers have been working on a vaccine for Anaplasma marginale since the early 1900s, but have never established total immunity to all strains of the disease. Now, using pyrosequencing, University of Florida researchers are finding the commonalities between strains. Story

Vaccine Market

Hemispherix as received a patent for Ampligen, an adjuvant meant to be used with seasonal influenza vaccine. Report

According to the South African Department of Health, high demand for yellow fever vaccines has created a shortage. While the problem should be fixed in a month, South Africans were warned to postpone any travel to areas prone to the disease. Item

BioSante and the John P. Hussman Foundation have signed a licensing agreement for BioSante's melanoma vaccine. The deal is worth $100,000 up front, with an additional $39 million in milestone payments possible, plus royalties. The vaccine will begin its first Phase I clinical trial in the next several months. BioSante release

And Finally... Should there be consequences for those who opt out of receiving vaccines? Article