Novartis pulls meningitis C jab; New vaccine lab hires director;

Vaccine market

Novartis has pulled thousands of doses of meningitis C vaccine after discovering bacterium in samples. Novartis said it was "committed to being a safe and reliable provider." Report

Chinese officials have begun rounding up executives responsible for marketing a rabies vaccine that included a dangerous ingredient. The company deliberately added nucleic acid to the vaccine, officials say. Story

The CDC is recommending a Hepatitis A vaccination for anyone coming into close contact with adoptive children arriving from countries where the disease is common. Report

Malaysia has become the first country outside of Europe to approve Prepandrix, GSK's bird flu vaccine. Report

Vaccine Research

The University of Rhode Island has hired the founder of EpiVax to lead research efforts aimed at finding vaccines for malaria, AIDS and tuberculosis. Report

A new study underscores how swiftly HIV can evolve, further demonstrating how hard it will be to develop a vaccine to counter it. Story

Researchers say that an experimental breast cancer vaccine has produced promising results. Report

University of Alabama at Birmingham researchers have developed a new, inexpensive and efficient method for producing and studying a type of human papillomavirus that causes cervical cancer. The process could speed understanding of how the virus functions and causes diseases, and lead to new prevention or treatment options. Report

Researchers have developed a vaccine that appears to protect against the 1918 "Spanish" influenza virus. Using a mammalian expression system they created a virus-like particle that mimics the 1918 influenza virus, prompting the immune system to develop protective antibodies. Report