Novartis' MenB vaccine protects infants

A fresh batch of trial data indicates that the Novartis Meningitis B vaccine protects infants six months and older against multiple strains of potentially deadly meningococcal B bacteria. More than 95 percent of the infants in the study aged six to 12 months demonstrated an immune response against strains representing multiple antigens. Meningococcal B strains accounted for 72 percent of meningococcal disease in Europe in 2006.

"These are encouraging new findings that indicate the Novartis MenB vaccine may also offer infants six months and older robust protection against multiple strains of meningococcal B bacteria," said Matthew Snape, MD, MBBS, FRCPCH, Consultant in Vaccinology, Oxford Vaccine Group, University of Oxford; Honorary Consultant Paediatrician, John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford. "Providing broad protection against meningococcal B disease is a global health priority."

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