New patent covers vaccine delivery tech; Aceto tackles U.S. vet market;

Vaccine Research

DynPort says it received a contract to study the European licensing rules for a plague vaccine now in mid-stage development. Story

National Jewish Health has won a patent covering a new vaccine that relies on new technology to deliver an antigen and adjuvant. Article

Australia's chief investigator probing the seizures of more than 100 children following their seasonal flu shots says he has shunned any biopharma contacts, including sitting on scientific advisory boards, in order to avoid any possible conflicts of interest. Report

Inovio Pharmaceuticals and the University of Pennsylvania have received a $3.1 million grant from the National Institutes of Health to further fund Inovio's universal SynCon flu vaccine development. Inovio release

A researcher at the University of Arkansas has won a $3.3 million grant to study a new HPV vaccine. News

Vaccine market

The U.S. Agriculture Department has approved Aceto's plan to start selling a canine vaccine, marking the first arrival of a planned string of veterinary vaccines. Report