New Innovative Vaccine Refrigerator Protects Vaccines During Power Outages Without Backup Power

TORONTO, ONTARIO, Jun 25, 2012 -- announces the launch of the new BFRV84 vaccine refrigerator that protects vaccines for up to 4 days during a power outage without requiring backup power.

This new vaccine fridge has been able to significantly reduce the overall cost of vaccine storage while increasing performance and reliability.

Power outages are an ongoing problem for the storage of temperature sensitive vaccines. Millions of dollars worth of vaccines are spoiled each year across North America when the vaccines' temperatures shift outside the critical range of 2-8 degrees C.

The BFRV84 Vaccine Refrigerator solves this problem by using sound design features and innovative technology to provide a stable temperature environment. This refrigerator virtually eliminates the risk of vaccines being spoiled due to power outages by maintaining the critical 2-8 degrees C range within the fridge for up to 4 days without power.

The BFRV84 Refrigerator is able to achieve this with its patented Thermal Phase Technology and energy efficient design. This refrigerator line also employs NASA technology and, in fact, the off grid version of the BFRV84 refrigerator was recently named NASA's Commercial Invention of the Year for 2011.

The BFRV84 was pre-qualified by the World Health Organization in September 2011 for the storage of vaccines and has been used in many regions worldwide since.

With the BFRV84 vaccine refrigerator, health industry staff and management can rest assured that there is no danger of a cold chain break through the night, weekend, or any other time for up to 4 days due to a disruption to power. has been providing backup power solutions to the medical community, laboratories, and other businesses across North America for years to keep refrigerators, freezers and other critical items operating when the power goes out.

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