New case of bird flu in Egypt; Researchers advance salmonella vaccine in space;

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An Egyptian woman has contracted bird flu, the 64th case of avian influenza reported in the country since it first arrived in 2006. The WHO is currently investigating why so many of the victims of bird flu in Egypt are young. Report

Researchers have undertaken a number of experiments on the International Space Station that have helped advance their work on a new salmonella vaccine. Salmonella changes in microgravity, offering clues to developing a new vaccine to guard against it. Report

In a genetic leap that could help fast track vaccine and drug development to prevent or tame serious global diseases, Dartmouth Medical School researchers have discovered how to destroy a key DNA pathway in a wily and widespread human parasite. The feat surmounts a major hurdle for targeting genes in Toxoplasma gondii, an infection model whose close relatives are responsible for diseases that include malaria and severe diarrhea. Release

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Minnesota health officials say that a patient who died in March had been infected with a live virus found in an oral polio vaccine. They stressed that the occurrence of these infections is extremely rare. Report

The American Academy of Family Physicians has filed a brief in favor of a Supreme Court review of a recent ruling by Georgia's high court. The decision said that a couple's lawsuit against vaccine manufacturers Wyeth and GlaxoSmithKline is not barred by the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act. "A return to the chaotic environment that preceded the enactment of the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act by Congress could dissuade pharmaceutical manufacturers from producing vaccines and researching new technologies, making it difficult to maintain vaccine supplies and compromising the nation's public health efforts," the AAFP said. Release