MSU develops malaria vaccine; Researchers revise whooping cough vaccine guidelines;

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Researchers at Michigan State University have developed a malaria vaccine candidate, which so far has shown greater immune responses than previous vaccines. The vaccine uses an immune system-stimulating gene as well as a disabled cold virus. MSU release

Reston, VA-based Aptiv Solutions will manage Galena Biopharma's Phase III breast cancer vaccine trial, starting in the first half of 2012. The trial is expected to have 700 patients in over 100 trial sites. Aptiv release

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Scientists have revised the guidelines for pertussis vaccinations after multiple outbreaks of the illness. Now, 7- to 10-year-old children should receive an additional dose of the Tdap vaccine, due to underimmunization; the researchers also recomment pregnant women, adolescents, healthcare workers and any adults with infant contact be vaccinated. Item

The WHO is promoting mass dog vaccinations in southeast Asia to protect the nearly 1.4 billion people residing there from rabies. According to the organization, 24,000 people die annually in the region from rabies. Vaccinations so far have reduced rabies-related deaths in Thailand and Sri Lanka. More

And Finally... Washington Post reporter Mike DeBonis looks at DC's HPV vaccine law and its underwhelming effect on vaccination rates in the District. Piece

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