Microbix renegotiates Chinese vax plant deal; Sanofi Pasteur typhoid vax receives prequalification from WHO;

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Researchers have found that an accelerated hepatitis B vaccination schedule was effective and well tolerated in at-risk pregnant women. The three shots were give in 12 weeks, instead of the usual six months. Story

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Microbix Biosystems and Hunan Biopharmaceutical are renegotiating key terms in their joint venture agreement to create Asia's largest flu vaccine production facility. The talks come after Microbix closed Phase I financing for its subsidiary Crucible and Hunan expressed interest in altering portions of the agreement. Microbix release

Sanofi Pasteur has received a prequalification from the World Health Organization for its polysaccharide typhoid vaccine, Typhim Vi. It's the first typhoid vaccine to receive the status. Item

Annapolis, MD-based PharmAthene reached a technical milestone in its recombinant protective antigen anthrax vaccine program by finishing the initial technology transfer of its SparVax manufacturing process. PharmAthene release

And Finally... A study found that Amish parents who refuse to vaccinate their children are driven by the same reasons as non-Amish parents, rather than their religious beliefs. In Holmes County, OH, 49 unvaccinated families responded to a survey and stated they didn't feel vaccines were worth the risks, rather than a matter of access to the vaccines. Report

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Daiichi Sankyo says it still unable to fulfill a government mandate to be able to produce enough H5N1 flu vaccine to fight an epidemic in Japan.

GSK’s Shingrix has continuously impressed industry watchers with its growth, and the company just added another large market to its list: China.

WuXi Biologics says it will build a dedicated facility to manufacture a commercial vaccine product for a client in a $3 billion contract.